With many years or experiences inproducing mould,Jieyan Mingqiao plastics mould co.,ltd.

Specializes in mould design,development,and production. The company has advanced equipment,

CAD/CAM/CAF computer system,and CNC number control center.We mainly deal with daily-use

plastics such as transportation container,toy car,chair and other industrial purpose

moulds.With high qualified technicians advanced equipments and scientific management

method, we have guaranteed that the quality and production or the mould are high-efficient

and we have gained trust and good honor from clients from every part of the country by our

on-time delivery reasonable price and high accuracy.

  The company is deveolped in line with "regard science and technology as the guide,

survives on high quality, regards customer as the centre."We welcome friends from all

fields to the company.let's create mutual brilliance together.

Address:Dongyizhi Road Jieyang development

zone, Jieyang City, Guangdong,China

Tel:86-663-8771658 fax:86-663-8771658

directors:Huang Qiaoxiong

Cell phone:(86)13903081913


email:[email protected]

photograph dot metrix blow up

版權所有:揭陽市明巧塑料模具有限公司      技術支持:揭陽商務網


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